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Those Seeking Clarity Out of Confusion


Those Seeking Their Passion & Pursuing It

Those Seeking Uplevel Business Results

Creed Branson has a unique skill-set as an entrepreneur, C level leader, ordained minister and lifelong learner. From overseeing a multi-site church to running a multi-million dollar sports facility, he has an extensive background leading large organizations.

“I wish I had a coach 20 years ago! Since making a decision to become a Certified Professional Coach, I’ve had several coaches. I won’t make another important decision in my life without talking to my coach. Friends help but someone with training as a coach has no substitute.”
Creed Branson

There is nothing like experience to provide insight to the challenges leaders will experience. Wise people not only learn from their own mistakes but they also learn from others as well.
You’ve taken the hardest step by asking for help to discover the action required to move forward in your life.
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This assessment measures six composite areas of EQ and 15 elements that make up your complete profile.

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“Before talking to Creed, I felt like my life was stuck in neutral and I was not sure where I was going and what I really wanted to do. I had a successful job and had achieved a lot in my life, but it felt like I wasn’t really fulfilling my purpose. Through a series of carefully planned questions and recommended books, Creed helped me hone in on my goals and provided me a method to be competent while doing it.”
G. T., Systems Engineer
“I am amazed at how strategic Creed’s coaching was in helping me find and answer the key questions necessary to determine and remove the large roadblocks in my life. Our time together quickly helped me determine what was keeping me from pursuing my calling and allowed me to further accept the adventures God has been leading me towards.”
Matt B., Program Manager / Systems Engineer, Integrity Applications Incorporated
“I knew where I wanted to be, but not how to get there. I’m only three sessions in with Creed, and I’ve already begun to notice a shift in thinking about myself, and the situation in front of me.”
Jate Earhart, Motion Visual Artist
“Great Coach and Great friend! Creed helps me to focus my thoughts which gives me the courage to make decisions confidently. I would highly recommend his services.”
James Parker, Principal, Food Artist Group